VIRTUAL: By yourself virtual anywhere during the hours we premiere the events or by accessing the archives after the weekend. During our Premiere events hosts, pastors, and spiritual counselors are available to chat or answer questions. Click here to join meetings in progress

WATCH PARTIES: Where a host opens their home (or chooses locations to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers, family to gather together for church by watching the study, praying, fellowshipping, maybe discussing, eating, or serving together. Click here to join a Watch Party  Click here to host / lead a Watch Party

HYBRID: A combination of Online and In-Person church in a variety of contexts. Maybe participating virtual, or in a Watch Party and serving at the local soup kitchen with others, or attending a regional Men’s Group, Women’s group of Affinity Group. Attending a local service once a month to serve and gather with others. The possibilities are endless. It could be that you.

IN-PERSON: This option is for those that prefer in-person gatherings and dislike digital and / or virtual meetings. We have a variety of in-person classes, worship gatherings, prayer meetings, and groups that meet roughout Eastern Connecticut. Click here to see our in-Person Services